#063 | How to Manifest your Way towards Transcendence – Seibo Knows!

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#063: Six exits and however many millions earned and burned later… what does it all mean? What do you do when you reach “success”?
What do you do when you’re BURNED OUT?
How do you stay young?
What’s the secret?

Chillionaire Mindset Coach for Burnt-out Over-Achievers Seibo Knows!

We are on FIRE. We are GLOWING with energy.
We want what’s best for you to manifest your dreams into reality and then transcend!
We go deep and hard about some esoteric sheeeeiiiiiit.
(Or maybe not deep and harrrrd enough?)

What do you think? Is Seibo full of crap? AM I FULL OF CRAP?
Tune in and find out!

(Ladies, there’s a moment or 2 where we talk about something sexual, please don’t be grossed out or offended. We love you!)

We touch upon a ton of amazing things:

  • Can you hustle your way as an achiever while lowering your stress to stay young, and be more effective?

  • Self-awareness on one’s journey – Seibo’s where Maim wants to be, but Maim’s not quite there yet and that’s okay. Maim is exactly where he needs to be, and with that self-awareness he can appreciate and be grateful for the moment and stage he’s in now. You can do the same.

  • Climbing Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs to transcend it(?)

  • Not rushing to get to the next level in the videogame of life — not as fast as possible, but going through as thoroughly as possible in order to be better equipped and wiser for the final boss

  • What happens when you “skip” the achiever stage and become a hippy seeking enlightenment right out of college? (Spoiler alert: You crash on Seibo’s couch like a cheeky bum and realize you’ve been missing out on that part of life lol)

  • Doing things like becoming a successful CEO out of something simple and deep like fear, or like a sense of not belonging

  • Are you spending a buncha money out of actual generosity or because you want people to like you and you want to look like a hotshot?

  • What sort of mindset is beneficial to you on the way to achieving your goals?

  • What sort of paradigms are out there for you?

  • What sort of immense benefits for meditation are there for you?

  • We talk about Psycho-Cybernetics of course lol

  • Who are you more likely to listen to, some hippy who doesn’t have experience in the 3D-real-business-world, or a spiritual coach whose been running 3 companies for 3 years longer than he needed?

  • In order to understand the metaphysical and esoteric, you have to first grasp the physical / material 3D world. It’s all in stages.

Seibo’s Sheeeeiiiit:





stream of consciousness notes


mazlow’s hierarchy of needs

another phase beyond that

not a lot of society works in that phase just yet

beyond self-actualization? transcendance of self?

always great at manifesting whatever you want

but what’s next stage?

allowing universe to flow thru you to be a vessel for whatever the universe wants to create

after manifesting whatever you want, just serving as a vessel for the universe

this is about surrender

nothing that you need to spend so much time thinking about

there are higher levels of consciousness to achieve

these are bread crumbs for you to follow

first you need to first control/wield power of universe

before breaking rules of basketball, you need to understand the rules/foundations of basketball

in my own life, paradigms — you can look at life in one way, and then look at it another after something happens

the way i looked at the world has evolved over the past 10 years

paradigms can shift and change

it never ends

you could potentially be changing from one paradigm, or one mode of experience or way of looking at life and the world and it could potentially be changing or evolving until you die

seibo meditates for 90 minutes a day


doesn’t he have shit to do?

of course

he does all the thinking in one block, and then gets it all done LOL

so he doesn’t have to think anymore

i do 30 min visualizations after psycho-cybernetics

does that mean i’m 1/3 of the way towards Seibo?

if maim meditates 30 minutes, and seibo does 90 minutes

does that mean maim is 1/3 of the way through on his journey to get through to seibo’s level?

you can do it

you can do whatever it is you put your mind to

we are living proof of that

if you can understand what we’re saying

then this is all available and possible for you

you have what it takes deep inside

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