#070 | The Gift of Competition

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This episode focuses on the importance of understanding competition as the basis of life and essential to nature, and why we must compete in order to become the best versions of ourselves in all aspects.

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas, Good Will to All Men!

This year, Santa Claus has a very special gift for you.

No, it’s not a shiny new Macbook or a super car, a mansion or a six-star luxury trip to Paris.

This is the gift of… COMPETITION.

It means you have to compete with everyone else in the planet to get all the good things in life that you truly desire.

If you understand this, and you give it your all, you will succeed — and you won’t need me or anyone else to get you any gift. You can buy that Macbook, that super car, that mansion and that trip yourself.

But here’s the catch: Now that the cat’s out of the bag — yes, my big red sack — and Pandora’s Box is open, there will no longer be NICE and NAUGHTY lists going forward.

There are just WINNERS, and LOSERS.

Compete, and become a winner.

But what if you’re a loser?

You don’t want to face the harsh reality of life and take the necessary actions to become the best version of yourself?



Children, do you know what time it is?

Christmas Service

Yesterday, I was at church for the Christmas service. They share the message of God sending His son in the manger a couple thousand years ago and all that.

As they should. It’s church. A particularly good church. Good community of good peeps. You may be from that church if you’re listening to this.

It’s a church attended by many Korean-Americans, in Seoul.

Let me tell you something. It’s funny to have grown up in the Korean-American church in America, to have dedicated my life to the faith, then to lose my faith, and then evolve into a degenerate heathen only concerned with worldly pleasures… only years later to start going to church again. A Korean-American church in Korea.

You know I think growing up in the church, especially with this attitude, made me weak.

It didn’t tell me to be strong, to be smart, to be competitive.

I’m a worthless piece of shit, but Jesus died for my sins so I have meaning in my life.

It’s okay that I don’t have to become better, because Jesus still loves me no matter what.

And you know what, in a sense that is true.

I believe that God — if you believe in God — loves all His children unconditionally, no matter who they are or what they do.

Having said that, I also believe He loves some children conditionally, and that God has favorites, and that God rewards those who follow the principles of nature to improve themselves over those who do not.

The reality of Nature is that it is competitive.

You have to produce results.

The gift of competition is nature, and the very essence of life itself.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is either ignorant or a liar.

People compete for space and time.

People compete for money and resources.

People compete to buy food and homes.

In today’s world, when you sell something, you are competing against everyone else in the world who is selling that same thing.

If you want a house, a piece of real estate, a car, a man or a woman, you are competing with other people for that home, car, or partner.

We’re only fortunate to be alive and not be killing each other on a day to day basis for food shelter and water because others competed and fought wars and struggled before us.

They did such a great job that we’re so comfortably divorced from the harsh reality of nature and competition.

Nations compete.

You have to compete.

You have to fight.

Life is a competition, if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be alive.

Nations compete for resources and power.

Asia is thousands of years of varying tribes and nations competing with each other.

Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, all these different places…

They’re giant rice cookers of pressure. Geopolitical, social, economic pressures.

In each country, everyone flocks to densely populated urban centers, try to get to the best schools, sell their product or service, try to gain market share, try to get better opportunities than anyone else.

Korea is a competitive society.

Competing to get the best scores in high school, to get into the best schools, to get into the biggest companies…

Only a small percentage can make it.

The rest have to find another way and are shamed, they bring great dishonoruh to their families for not getting a job at fucking Samsung.

And even if they do get a job at Samsung, they are salaried slaves and the corporation does what it can to squeeze every bit of value from their worker drones.

As it should, if Samsung is to remain competitive and top dog over its competitors around the world.

You wouldn’t want to quit your job, everyone else would kill to be working at Samsung.

You have a wife and children to provide for, their well-being and education, a mortgage for a 3-bedroom unit that’s worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, a car on finance.

You don’t want to take a risk. You are trapped. You are expendable.

No wonder Koreans & Asians try to get the fuck out of the rice cooker. The kitchen is too hot.

Better go to perhaps Europe, Australia or Canada or America where the white man has established lands of opportunity with higher standards of living.

That’s why Asians outcompete most of the locals in the countries they immigrate into.

Working long hard hours day in and day out, being smart, focused on education, sacrificing everything like my family did.

Our families were grains of rice that were fortunate enough to escape the intense pressure of the rice cooker that was Korea, or Japan, or China.

But we still kept that heat, we still keep that Han, it’s deeply inGRAINED into our bones, our sinews and fibers, our psyche and soul.

We have this immense power. We have to channel all that pain and struggle, all faculties of intelligence and creativity, strength and values, to evolve into something greater than our ancestors could have ever imagined.

This is nature.

Going back to growing up in Korean American church and the formation of my early character.

I was born the third of three sons. When I was a baby, our family escaped to America to escape the intense rice cooker that Korea was in the ’90s.

I grew up a weak little bitch. Other kids picked on me. I would whine and bitch.

Oh, it’s unfair. Life is unfair. I blame God for everything.

I lived in the shadow of my brothers, who were much older than me.

I didn’t even speak my own mother tongue.

I thought I was defective.

I was short and fat, I thought I was ugly.

My whole life I believed I was nothing.

That I was weak and unworthy.

I thought of myself as a loser.

Had you known me more than 10 years ago you would have thought the exact same about me.

I wish someone had told me in my childhood…

the sooner I accept the reality of competition and nature,

the sooner I can train my body and mind to become powerful in all ways,

the greater a life I can live and thus the more positive impact I can make on the world.

Because deep inside, I have what it takes.

I’ve had it all along.

Now I know I have inner fire, discipline, conviction. I know 99% of people are weak and lazy. I am going to eat their hearts out. I work harder, smarter, and faster than anyone else I know.

Two people of equal genetics, body type, etc. are to compete with each other in a contest of sport.

One on one basketball, or tennis, or sword fighting. Say the loser dies. They both have a month to train before they compete.

One person trains a couple hours a day. The other one trains 8 hours a day.

Who are you going to bet is going to win?

Sure, there’s some luck. Maybe the guy who trained less can get lucky and still win.

But it’s poor risk management to not train.

You compete with someone at a sport. Football. Basketball. Tennis.

How many hours are you training a day?

How badly do you want it?

You have to want it BADLY, more than the other team.

If you want it BADLY enough, you will naturally do whatever it takes to get the desired result.

You work an 8 hour job and then you’re too tired to work out or work on your side-hustle?

No. I work my day job, then I go home and work until it’s 4-5AM, sleep a few hours before getting to my day job.

When I’m awake, I’m working. There’s no other way to succeed than this.

I’m already 30. Had I understood the gravity of the world situation and this Matrix we live in, I would have focused on taking actions towards hustling and making as much money as possible as soon as possible from the age of 20. I would have focused on being fit and as strong as possible from the age of 20. Everything else would have been much easier and better.

Everyone wants freedom. Everyone wants to break free of the rat race.

Everyone wants to have millions of dollars, a great body and physique, beautiful romantic interests.

But how badly do you want it? I want it badly, because I know what’s at stake. Freedom.

Nowadays, when I walk onto the bus or subway, I compare myself to others, especially the other men.

I mean, Korean people do this too. We all judge each other as soon as someone walks into the room.

I think, if I had to KILL THIS PERSON in physical combat, could I do it? If we had to fight, would I win?

99% of people don’t know how to fight. I’m only a white belt, but I’m learning how to punch and kick.

I feel confident that I could really fuck someone up if I land a proper punch or kick.

I think, I’m the fucking man. Even though I’m still a brokie riding with all the other brokies, yes, I am the fucking man.

I’m only becoming stronger and faster of a fighter, a warrior as the days go by.

Likewise, If I had to compete with this person in a certain endeavor, whether sport or music or business, could I outperform them?

If they run a coffee shop, and I had to run a coffee shop, could I provide better product and service so people would pick my cafe over theirs?

I would not sleep until I knew how to put them out of business.

So I walk into a room and think, I am the fucking man. There’s nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it.

Nobody here knows what I’ve been through. Nobody cares. Why should they?

Nobody cares about me as much as I have to in order for me to realize my highest ambitions and live the dream life I want to live.

Nobody can beat me because I am the best. Nobody knows the struggles I’ve gone through to be who I am today nor what I continue to struggle through.

The black hole of misery and depression that I escaped from, how I transformed dark matter into exploding sun.

I’m a fucking diamond, grinding it out each day and shining brighter and more intensely with each given day.

I’m a rocket ship flying to the moon and I will not stop until I get what I want.

You can put your head in the sand, and be like most Christians.

You can just masturbate all day and night for years on end about how Jesus loves you and everything’s going to be okay because we’re all going to go to Heaven when we die, like a fucking pathetic pussy ass bitch, and remain a slave in mediocrity, without having realized your full genetic potential.

Doesn’t matter, cause we’re all gonna die and God has it all figured out anyway, right?

Yes, God loves you, but he also gave you eyes and arms and legs and a mind that is capable of constructing metropolises, painting beautiful art, blowing up mountains and developing a multimillion dollar business.

I can do it 100%. I can figure out how to become rich, and I’m not going to stop until I do.

I’m going to become a strong powerful fighter with a beautiful sexy body, and I’m not going to stop until I do.

There are all sorts of objections to the journey of becoming rich, things that I have subconsciously told myself that I will now obliterate from my mind forever.

People say, money is the root of all evil. Terrible things are done in the name of money. Wars are fought over money.

That’s all you see in the news and the sentiment within societies like America and Korea.

Oh, it’s because the big corporations have all the money and are powerful and have all the connections and are corrupt.

You don’t become rich unless you do something corrupt.

Life is unfair, rich people have it all easy, so I’m going to judge them from a ground of higher moral superiority.

Oh, they’re rich and probably got it all through ill-gotten gains, but at least I’m just an honest hard worker not ripping people off or something like that.

You know what, that’s exactly what powerful rich people would want you to think, so you never even aspire to become rich. That means they stay rich, and YOU STAY POOR.

So what, I’m not going to try and get rich because I have a conception that rich people are unfair, or scammers or corrupt?

I’m the nicest guy I know. I have the deepest love and respect for all humanity and all creation. I feel the pains of the people, the struggles and pains of Korea and America, the suffering of the entire world, very deeply. I know what it’s like to be bullied. I know what it’s like to feel lonely and nobody gives a shit about you. I get angry and indignant when I feel someone is unjustly slighted.

I can be a nice guy with good will to all men, but what happens when a gang of men come to want to hurt my woman or my family?

Am I going to protect her? Do I have what it takes? What does all my good will and character and philosophy about the world and life matter when I can’t even defend or take care of myself, let alone my woman or my tribe?

I need power, and money is power.

That is precisely why I must become rich and strong mentally and physically.

What, are you going to let the sociopaths get rich and run the world? Have you thought about that?

So if only materialistic superficial people who exploit others are becoming rich, you’re never gonna try to be really rich?

You’re not going to explore every single possible aspect of business and wealth creation, understand the nature of money, why and how it works?

GOOD PEOPLE need to become rich, to balance out the so-called exploitative corrupt immoral rich people, if that’s what they are.

Others say, money can’t buy you happiness. Who are those people? Are they rich?

That might as well be a psyop.

“I don’t want to obsess with money cause then I’ll be a superficial materialistic blahblahblah miser.”

“I don’t want money to change who I am.” I understand those sentiments. But those are lies. It’s a psyop.

Yes, of course the journey to become rich is going to change you, because you have to become a different person in order to get different results.

In order to get extraordinary results, you must be doing extraordinary things, and become extraordinary.

Money is just an amplification of who I am.

That’s just a fucking psyop. People who became corrupt or greedy or fucked their lives up, or became superficial and fake… you know what, they were already shitty people with less than noble characters to begin with. The money just REVEALED that.

That’s all technology does. Social media makes people so shallow and materialistic and petty and mean and angry.

What? No, that’s actually just who they were already inside.

Money, the Internet — it just magnifies who you are.

“Money isn’t everything.” Said by people who cope with the fact that they’re not rich.

Of course money isn’t everything, it’s just the most important thing to acquire in order for me to maximize my chances of survival and live the greatest life possible to make the greatest possible difference in the world.

People who say that are coming from the wrong frame of mind and they don’t understand where the world is going and how inflation is going to CRUSH us.

So, I’m not rich. I’m at the point where I don’t want to sleep until I’m rich.

Yes, things take time, some things can’t be rushed, but everything that is within my control I must maximize and work with SPEED.

I’ve wasted too much time. There’s no turning back. I’m on this rocket to the moon, and in order to go past the stratosphere, I must keep going.

I must continue building this forward momentum and nothing will stop me.

Everything’s at stake.

This is the greatest battle of my life.

The fight against myself, to win.

To become a fighter, to become an entrepreneur, to become rich as fast as possible, so that I can not only live the life I dream of, but help others realize their dreams too.

It’s cheesier than a pizza but it’s true.

This episode’s about competition.

I’m competing in a competition.

There’s a kyokushin karate tournament this March.

I must compete.

I’m going to condition myself.

I’m going to win a trophy this March.


Put yourself to the test.

In anything.

If you fail, but you genuinely gave it your best, there is still honor.

If you win, even better.

There is no choice but to compete.

Life is a game. You’re already playing. If you choose not to play and go AFK, guess what?

You’ll get played.

Don’t waste your fucking time.

Especially if you’re in your 20s, or even in your teens. Build something now.

If you believe you are totally incompetent and worthless, then this message is for you.

You can change your mind and do a complete 180 as I have, and I believe you can do it faster than I did, because you have ME to tell you it is possible.

I thought I was doomed to a life of incompetence and worthlessness and failure.

But now I see I am becoming something greater than I could have ever imagined.

If the latent power of the sleeping dragon is within me, and awakening, then you can find that dragon, that Bengal Tiger, deep inside yourself as well.

It must be within you, in order for your ancestors to have survived long enough that their bloodline led to your existence.

What did they struggle for? What did they survive famine wars and conquest and saber-toothed tigers and all this shit for?

So you can just feel sorry for yourself and bitch and complain about the state of the world and the unjustness and unfairness of life?

Stay addicted to junk food and masturbation and drugs and be a fat disgusting incompetent loser?

No. This Christmas, the greatest gift that I have received, is the message of competition.

Because when we compete actively truly and with all heart mind and body, we excel and then have the ability to buy ourselves and others whatever gifts we want in this life.

This gift of competition precedes an even greater gift, the gift of FREEDOM.

Because competition is the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Don’t be afraid of competition. Be grateful you even have the opportunity to compete. Believe in yourself. Never give up.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Episode Summary: Santa Claus gives you the gift of competition. NOW FIGHT!

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